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Management team


Management team

The management team counts more than 15 project managers. With a dynamic and enthusiastic outlook on new technologies, we pay attention to maintaining the knowledge of our team members. Our team is able to put forward the different experiences and skills of each project manager in order to carry out projects of all sizes.

Pierre-Luc Auclair, eng.
Chairman - CEO
819.564.0116 x229

As the new Chairman and CEO of Construction Longer, Pierre-Luc opts for continuity and respect for the values ​​established by his predecessors. He wishes to maintain the business philosophy developed over the past 40 years, while promoting the upgrading and modernization of the company in order to preserve its position as a regional leader in construction. To achieve this, staff training and the use of advanced technology will be taken to the next level.

In terms of project manager, his successes are mainly due to his great creativity, his unifying qualities and his ability to listen. With a keen analytical mind and a great ability to meet challenges, Pierre-Luc knows how to establish a relationship of trust and true partnership with all of his clients. His bachelor's degree in civil engineering and his PMP training are two major assets necessary for the realization of complex industrial projects, engineering structures and concrete structures.

Luc Auclair
Chairman of the Board and Project Director
819.564.0116 x222
Having managed over 500 projects since 1983, Luc Auclair, a survey technician and construction appraiser, particularly likes a job well-done. With great concern for his client’s satisfaction, his top priorities are budgetary objectives and respect of deadlines. As president of the company, he demonstrates leadership that naturally motivates his teams.
Nicolas Berger, eng.
Project Manager
819.564.0116 x124
Nicolas is a graduate of the School of Advanced Technology in Construction Engineering and is known for his sustained involvement in the projects he’s managing. From the Eastern Townships to Montreal’s South Shore, he easily completes public or commercial projects requiring an elaborate work structure.
Francis Bergeron
Architectural technologist
819.564.0115 x122

A graduate in architectural technology, Francis has a keen interest in BIM development as well as the integration of new technologies within the company. Creative and analytical, Francis knows how to identify different problems and find effective solutions to resolve them. Its adaptability allows it to find the best tools to quickly create projects with precision.

Rémi Bouchard, eng.
Civil engineering director
819.564.0116 x126
Resourceful and professional, Rémi specializes in works of art in the field of excavation and concrete, for which he holds accreditation in complex structures. His ability to analyze and his capacity for adaptation, combined with his technical knowledge, allow him to optimize the progress of his projects.
Vickie Breton
Project manager
819.564.0116 x273
A graduate in communication and architecture technology, Vickie’s involved in various projects. Versatile and creative, her duties involve estimating, managing projects and designing interior fittings. Concerned about the smooth running of her projects, she prioritizes good understanding of stakeholders’ needs, which allows her to coordinate Building Information Modeling (BIM) projects.
Jean-Sébastien Caron, eng.
Project manager
819.564.0116 x280
Possessing a strong interest in civil engineering, excavation and concrete projects, Jean-Sébastien spares no effort to complete the mandates entrusted to him. He graduated of the Université de Sherbrooke in civil engineering, he has a cartesian and methodical mind that allows him to analyze the issues as a whole. His experience gained on job site was easily translated into his role as project manager in order to make accurate and realistic estimates.
Steven Chabot
Corporate and Service Director
819.564.0116 x237
As a Project Manager for almost 20 years with Construction Longer, Steven knows that no project is to be neglected. Since he has managed projects for several well-known banners and private developers, he maintains a great connection with his clients during management of all projects, big or small.
Alexandre Comtois, eng. jr.
Project manager
819.564.0116 x249

Junior engineer in civil engineering, Alexandre advocates positive attitude, perseverance and rigor in order to carry out his projects. Recognized for his leadership, he ensures that all stakeholders work together to meet the expectations of his clients. Always ready for new challenges, he devotes himself to all the projects he touches.

Charles-Éric Dumas-Aubé, eng.
Project manager
819.564.0116 x275
Having first worked as a professional in the field of civil engineering, then in the construction of mining projects, Charles-Eric returns to the passion he developed in 2005, during his studies in Architectural Technology; building. A civil engineer eager for challenges, he holds his PMP accreditation and collaborates in the integration of the BIM process at Construction Longer.
Chantal Duquet
Project manager
819.564.0116 x224
Chantal is known for her good humor, creativity and ability to solve problems. Her studies in architecture and interior design combined with many years of experience in commercial and institutional construction allow her to support her clients to carry out their projects with harmony and efficiency.
Gabriel Forest, eng.
Executive Director and Building
819.564.0116 x242
Completing his training with a Project Management Professional certification and accreditation in complex structures, Gabriel is known for his dedication to his work and the follow-up of his planning. From commercial, industrial and institutional building to the rehabilitation of concrete structures, he makes sure to offer his customers a professional and honest service, respecting their budgets, deadlines and quality requirements.
Julie Fouquet, eng.
Director of projects
819.564.0116 x221
With a bachelor’s degree in Liberal Arts and a Project Management Professional certification, Julie demonstrates versatility in building projects with singular architectural details or those that present a complex electromechanical design. Her great sense of organization and her attention to details enable her to proactively manage the projects entrusted to her.
Alexandre Gauthier, eng.
Project manager
819.564.0116 x230
Passionate about his work, Alexandre works quickly and efficiently to respect his projects deadlines and budgets. Responsive to his client’s needs, Alexandre is able to communicate in a way that maintains a balanced and harmonious relationship with the various stakeholders of a project.
Maxim Jacques, eng.
Project manager
819.564.0116 x123
Formerly a civil technician and now a junior civil engineer, Maxim has accumulated experience in the field before devoting himself full-time to project management. Motivated by the challenges, he eagerly tackles on various building projects.
John Letky
Project manager
819.564.0116 x225
Estimator and Project Manager for nearly 20 years with Construction Longer, the success of John’s projects lies in his efficient communication with his clients. After more than 40 years in the field of construction, he has mastered the construction of high-end residences as well as the renovation of existing buildings.
René Mekkelholt
Project manager
819.564.0116 x248

After more than 30 years providing his services in medium and large scale project management for real estate companies in Montreal, René adopted the Estrie region and joined the Longer team.

His experience, thoroughness and leadership will be put to the fore to support and prepare the pre-project development and construction files.

For him, everything goes through careful planning, effective communication and he fundamentally believes that for any problem there is a solution.

Jean-François Paradis
Project manager
819.564.0116 x125
In addition to his training in carpentry, Jean-François currently specializes in project estimation and management. With his experience in building sites, he easily identifies the needs of a project. His attention to detail makes him a perfectionist in his role as project manager, but above all, he remains attentive to the satisfaction of his clients.
Christophe Wagenheim
Projet manager
819.564.0115 x255

After significant experience with a major entrepreneur in Europe, Christophe joined us as part of a family project. Holder of an engineering degree in civil engineering, he manages and supervises the operations of commercial and multi-storey structures intended for residential use, from the feasibility phase, then the estimate, until their delivery. He carries out the projects entrusted to him while respecting the site, schedule and cost constraints with determination and adaptability in order to guarantee customer satisfaction throughout the construction process.