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Project Management team


Project management team

The project management team counts more than 15 project managers. With a dynamic and enthusiastic outlook on new technologies, we pay attention to maintaining the knowledge of our team members. Our team is able to put forward the different experiences and skills of each project manager in order to carry out projects of all sizes.

Pierre-Luc Auclair, eng., PMP
Chairman - CEO
819.564.0116 x 229
Continuity, respect for established values ​​and maintaining the business philosophy developed over the past 40 years are the paths chosen by the new management, in which I have assumed the position of Chairman and CEO since January 2020. That does not prevent the upgrading and modernization of the company, on the contrary, it is a requirement to remain in a position of regional leader in construction. To achieve this, staff training and the use of advanced technologies will be taken to a higher level. In terms of project planning, my successes are mainly linked to my great creativity, my unifying qualities and my listening skills. With a keen analytical mind and a great ability to meet challenges, I know how to build a relationship of trust and true partnership with all of our clients. In my spare time, I love spending time with my family, reading, cycling in the summer and skiing in the winter. Younger and passionate about action, rugby has captured my heart. Although I have stopped playing, I really like to compare the sport to management. Of course, a business can have a lot in common with any team sport. But does rugby have any unique characteristics that put it above the rest? I think so. When a company goes through a difficult context, like in rugby, there is no time for the game to stop. Leadership is about responding to challenges as they arise, whether or not there is time to take a break.
Luc Auclair
Chairman of the Board and Project Director
819.564.0116 x 222
My construction experience began in Bay-James in 1978, while working for the surveying department at the LG3 power plant site. Follows a DEC in estimation at the Cégep of Drummondville and an application for an internship at Construction Longer in 1982. Being part of the Construction Longer team since 1983 brings me great pride. Over the years, I have held several positions in the company: survey technician and estimator at the start, project manager from 84, vice-president in 93, president from 2000 to 2020 and now as project manager. And yes, I am now on the downhill slope of the mountain, the one that leads to the chalet. During my career, I have been particularly keen on customer satisfaction. Knowing how to listen to them in order to really understand their needs. Respect our commitments, with the aim of exceeding them. I am not fond of big crowds, but I particularly appreciate sincere human relations. Don't look for me on Facebook, Twitter or others, but it would be pleasure to meeting you! PS. My time at Cégep de Drummondville was very beneficial. It was there that I met my Danielle (life partner, accomplice and lover). Without her, my career could have been very different ...
Alexandre Beauchesne
819.564.0116 x 132
Recently graduated in estimation, I immediately joined the Construction Longer team. It has always been my primary goal since this company has always been for me the leader of the construction industry in the Eastern Townships. I am hardworking and enterprising. Whatever the objectives, my rigor and my efficiency are my main allies to achieve them. Don't tell me about traveling : i'll have to plan my next trip as soon as I get home!
Nicolas Berger, eng.
Project Manager
819.564.0116 x 124
I have been working at Construction Longer since 2013. I have a DEC in civil engineering and a bachelor's degree in construction engineering from the École de Technologie Supérieure in Montreal. Since my beginnings at Construction Longer, I have managed various commercial, industrial and institutional projects of different sizes from the Eastern Townships to the South Shore of Montreal. My main strength is in the customer approach in order to provide the best service to each customer. I am an active person who likes projects, whether sporting, political or of a community nature. I like to diversify my hobbies. However, my main passion remains my involvement in the family sugar bush in the spring.
Michael Bouffard, eng.
Project manager
819.564.0116 x 127
My professional career began with a DEC in civil engineering technology at the Cégep of Sherbrooke. Then, I headed to the École de Technologie Supérieure in Montreal to do my bachelor's degree in construction engineering. Today, I am a project manager for the civil works team at Construction Longer. I have more than 10 years of experience in terms of street infrastructure, earthworks and engineering structures. I love sports, mainly golf, basketball, tennis, and hiking. Over the years, it is a real passion that I have developed for the practice of golf. It’s a sport that brings me so much in terms of emotional control, patience and surpassing myself. I would also say that being the father of two wonderful young children gives me just as much and more. I am an honest, structured, attentive and rigorous professional. I enjoy teamwork and I am always willing to contribute constructively to problem solving. Thus, within the solid and structured company that Construction Longer represents, I can surpass myself and develop professionally.
Rémi Bouchard, eng.
Civil engineering director
819.564.0116 x 126
My professional path began with a bachelor's degree in civil engineering at the University of Sherbrooke. With more than 10 years of experience, I have been able to develop a good background of technical knowledge as well as good analytical and adaptation skills which allow me to optimize the progress of my projects as much as possible, while remaining in a professional framework. I am passionate about construction, but I specialize more in engineering, excavation and concrete work for which I hold certification in complex structures. My affection for competitive running and cross-country skiing leads me to constantly give my best and always strive for excellence in what I do.
Vickie Breton
Project manager
819.564.0116 x 273
Within Construction Longer's team, I have the pleasure of occupying the position of project manager, buildings sector. I consider myself to be a versatile and quite pleasant teammate to work with, especially if I have a good latte in hand! My knowledge of architecture allows me to get involved in several projects in terms of estimation, interior design and, of course, overall project management. On the relational side, my skills acquired in communication allow me to do everything possible to promote a good agreement of collaboration between different stakeholders and thus, offer a pleasant experience of the construction environment to our clients.
Jean-Sébastien Caron, eng.
Project manager
819.564.0116 x 280
With a keen interest in civil engineering, excavation and concreting projects, I spare no effort to complete the mandates entrusted to me. My Cartesian and methodical mind allows me to analyze the issues as a whole. A graduate of the University of Sherbrooke in civil engineering, I joined the Construction Longer team in the civil works division in 2019. The experience acquired on site at the start of my career was easily transposed to my role as of projects in order to produce fair and realistic estimates. At Construction Longer, I have the opportunity to work alongside a competent management team and experienced foremen. This stimulating work environment allows me to constantly broaden my knowledge and perfect my role as a project manager.
Kéo Chabot
Project management support assistant
819.564.0116 x 232
Graduated in notarial law at the University of Sherbrooke, the legal aspect of things has always interested me a lot. Following a career change, I joined Construction Longer's team. It was only natural since I have always loved the construction industry. I am a dynamic and rigorous person who likes to take up challenges. What I like about my position at Construction Longer is that no two days are the same and that I have the chance to work with a great team.
Martin Chabot
Architectural technologist
819.564.0116 x 133
Having worked for more than 25 years in architectural offices as an architectural technician, I have collaborated on a multitude of projects both in terms of design and implementation (site). I therefore acquired a solid technical experience, which is also very useful for my support and technical advice to the project management team and the Construction Longer site team. Finding solutions to problems gives me a lot of satisfaction. This is why I constantly make sure that I am up to date with new regulations, new materials and new construction techniques. Apart from my exciting job, I am a big fan of outdoors : I like to discover little corners of paradise all over Quebec. A music lover in my spare time, I recently rediscovered the pleasure of vinyl!
Steven Chabot
Corporate and Service Director
819.564.0116 x 237
Project manager for over 20 years with Construction Longer, I know and understand that no project is to be overlooked. Project manager for several well-known banners and private developers, I maintain a close relationship with our partners allowing an organized management. This bond more often than not transits into beautiful sporting encounters.
Alexandre Comtois, eng.
Project manager
819.564.0116 x 249

I am very happy to be part of a strong team since I arrived as a project manager at Construction Longer. As soon as I left school, 4 years ago, I joined this team which allows me to surpass myself and flourish in my work. My bachelor's degree in civil engineering allowed me to develop rigor and discipline at work. I like to push myself in everything I do and to push my limits. That’s why I’m always ready to take on new challenges. It is often said of me that I have a positive attitude and that I get along well with everyone I interact with. Leadership is also one of my great strengths. This leadership has often been felt during my sporting career. Indeed, I have been a captain at all levels of hockey in which I have played: whether it is Midget AAA, QMJHL or even today in Senior AAA. As you can see, I love hockey! However, I have greatly diversified my sporting interests in recent years. Whether it's tennis, mountain biking, skiing and more, I love playing and discovering sports. I also love all outdoor activities! Did I mention you that I am very competitive? This is reflected in my work since I always want to give the best out of myself. Be sure that when I am involved in a project, I am 100% there.

Bianca Couture
Project management support assistant
819.564.0116 x 128
I have the pleasure of working within a great team of project management support assistants to support our project managers in the realization of their projects. I love helping others and doing different tasks so that my daily life is dynamic. My organization, my curiosity and my attention to detail make me a project management support assistant who is always available and ready to take on challenges. After 15 years in the hotel and tourism industry, I am relatively new to the construction industry. I realize that there is a whole range of concepts to learn, but I am lucky to have good people around me to fulfill myself professionally over the next few years. Also involved in the social committee, I have fun organizing activities so that we can come together and get to know each other in a different context than work. It is a pleasure for me to be part of this beautiful and big family. For my part, I love spending time outdoors, camping, dining with friends, decorating and cooking.
Audrey Desmarais
Project management assistant
819.564.0116 x 129
With me, the pleasure of building takes on its full meaning. For almost a year now, I have been assigned to project management at Construction Longer, mainly on a large-scale project managed via the BIM360 platform. Surrounded by a strong and dynamic management and site team, it is with pleasure that I join the team on a daily basis. Continuously on the lookout for new challenges, I am always enthusiastic about carrying out the mandates entrusted to me. Having been for several years in the estimation of commercial and institutional projects, I take full advantage of my functions in project management in order to deepen my knowledge every day and to take advantage of each step of the realization of a project. Graduated from Cégep de Sherbrooke in education in 2010, I have since developed a passion for construction and developed my knowledge in the field. Enjoying working in a team and meeting new stakeholders, my interpersonal skills and my contagious sense of humor bring positive energy to the work team.
Alexandre Dufour
Project manager
819.564.0116 x 122
I am Rimouskois of Gaspé descent and proud of my origins. My goal in life is always to have fun, which is why I bring this philosophy to work. I believe that I have the necessary qualities to carry out all the projects I undertake, such as my initiative and my ability to adapt. My favorite part of my job at Construction Longer is that it allows me to take on challenges, big or small, every day.
Charles-Éric Dumas-Aubé, eng., PMP
Project manager
819.564.0116 x 275
I joined the Construction Longer family in 2017, after having worked for a few years in the field of civil engineering and then in the construction of mining projects. Today, it is the building projects, with a touch complexity, which animate my days (and regularly my evenings ;) ). I enjoy participating in the development of the company and ensuring the improvement of our team in the projects we undertake. This is why I work on BIM process integration and regularly read books on various project management methods. When I take off the white helmet, it's usually to put on another while going to spend a few hours on mountain bikes in our beautiful mountain that is Mont-Bellevue, playing ice hockey, hitting the snowy slopes or even ride enduro trails on a motorcycle.
Chantal Duquet
Project manager
819.564.0116 x 224
I am known for my cheerfulness, my creativity and my ability to solve problems. My formation in architecture and interior design combined with my many years of experience in commercial and institutional construction allow me to support our clients in the realization of their projects with harmony and efficiency. What fascinates me in my job are the challenges: they stimulate me not only to achieve the objectives of our clients within the given deadlines, but also to achieve their personal objectives in order to obtain the best optimizations for each project.
Gabriel Forest, eng., PMP
Executive Director and Building
819.564.0116 x 242
Construction has been part of my daily life since I was young. My father being a general contractor in residential construction, I took my first steps on construction sites at the age of 15 before continuing my university studies in civil engineering. I joined the Construction Longer team in 2008 as an intern and then in 2010 for my full time job. I am known for my dedication to work and for the rigor of my planning follow-ups. From commercial, industrial or institutional buildings to the rehabilitation of concrete structures, I make sure to offer all our clients a professional and honest service, respecting their budget, deadlines, as well as their quality requirements. My dedication is also passed on in my daily family life. My wife and my three children are my greatest pride. I love to spend my free time with family activities of all kinds.
Julie Fouquet, eng., PMP
Director of projects
819.564.0116 x 221
With a bachelor’s degree in Liberal Arts and a Project Management Professional certification, Julie demonstrates versatility in building projects with singular architectural details or those that present a complex electromechanical design. Her great sense of organization and her attention to details enable her to proactively manage the projects entrusted to her.
Alexandre Gauthier, eng.
Project manager
819.564.0116 x 230
At Construction Longer, I have the privilege of being a project manager, mainly on food market construction and renovation projects. This business sector, which is very specific to the construction industry, has been part of Construction Longer's service offering for over 40 years and it is an honor for me to be entrusted with this responsibility. Service and customer satisfaction are THE priority in everything I do and I ensure this through great communication and careful project planning. Honesty and loyalty, both in business and in personal life, are part of my core values. Outside of work, I love sports like hockey, basketball and cross-country skiing. I'm also called a "foodie" : I always enjoy a good meal with a good bottle of wine!
Samuel Kamal
Project manager
Recently, I joined the Construction Longer team, more specifically the building project management team. With a bachelor's degree in building engineering, my path has enabled me to acquire knowledge, particulary in building mechanics, building envelopes and structures. Currently studying for a master's degree in engineering management, I am looking to perfect my knowledge in task optimization, risk and contingency management as well as in communication. Construction Longer and I share several values, but particularly that passion for sustainable development. In the team, it is often said that I am organized and efficient. If you can't find me at work or studying, you may find me in the winter on the ski slopes or in the summer hiking.
Eve Lachance
Project management support assistant
819.564.0116 x 130
Since joining Construction Longer, every day has been a new challenge for me and I love it. Indeed, in the construction industry, action is everywhere. So, every day, I have to show rigor, determination and versatility, and that speaks to me! I am an organized, efficient and meticulous person: this is why I am the ISO reference here. The best of my strengths remains making my team laugh. My big sense of humor is never far away. What I love most about my job is the diversity of tasks that arise on a daily basis and which gives me the opportunity to use my analytical skills and my management of priorities. I would say the most wonderful thing about my job is that at the end of each day I have this sense of accomplishment resonating with me. What could be better?
John Letky
Project manager
819.564.0116 x 225
Estimator and project manager for nearly 25 years at Construction Longer and nearly 50 years in the construction industry, I specialize in the construction of high-end residences as well as in the renovation of existing institutional and commercial buildings. The success of my projects lies in the effective communication that I maintain with our clients. Having started working fewer hours to take advantage of early retirement, I maintain my high standards of quality of service for the realization of your projects. In my spare time and during the summer holidays, I like to go on motorbike rides on country roads.
René Mekkelholt
Project manager
819.564.0116 x 248
I like to say that I am a generalist, although I am not an expert in everything. No project, no matter how big, scares me: even building a rocket! Why? Because I have confidence in my ability to bring together all the experts around a project, no matter how complex. Challenges are close to my heart and I would even say that it keeps me going. For much of my life, I have worked in Montreal on a wide variety of projects. However, following a call from nature, my wife and I left everything to come and settle in the countryside with our horses. Yes, you can say that I am becoming a gentleman-farmer! My greatest achievement remains of having created, with my wife, the most beautiful of families. My children and my grandchildren are my greatest pride.
Frédérick McRobie, eng.
Project manager
819.564.0116 x 234
After completing my degree in Civil Engineering at McGill University in 2012, I was drawn to construction by my interest in seeing the engineering principles learned in school put into practice. After seven years working in Montreal in heavy residential construction management, I joined Construction Longer in 2020, returning to the Eastern Townships where my family has had a home for several generations. I am results-driven and seeing the outcome of a job well done is a source of great satisfaction and inspiration to me. I strive to surpass our clients’ expectations and I am fully proficient in both French and English. My dedication to work and my attention to detail allow me to carry out my projects efficiently. When not at work, I enjoy spending time outdoors, and I am particularly interested in hiking, tennis, and downhill skiing.
Jean-François Paradis
Project manager
819.564.0116 x 125
Being a former carpenter, I had to re-specialize in 2014. To stay in the same field, I chose to go back to school and complete a double DEC in building estimation and assessment. Since my arrival at Construction Longer, I have specialized in estimation. When you need a price or an estimate, you call me. I am a team man who is always ready to help his coworkers. I never back down from a challenge or an opportunity. Precision in my statements, dedication, politeness, respect for deposit deadlines and my big smile are part of my daily values. The satisfaction of my colleagues with my job is what I love most about it. I am privileged to be able to bring my expertise and my work to all the stakeholders I work with. Outside of work, I enjoy playing with my kids, road biking, mountain hikes and most of all talking about my future ascent of Kilimanjaro.
Jean-Sébastien Perreault
Project manager
819.564.0116 x 254
As life often calls us to take detours, we need to know how to adapt to the situations we face. I started out in the construction industry as a carpenter in my hometown, Baie-Comeau. And yes, it's not blood flowing through my veins, it's fir gum. In 2016, I had to resign myself to changing my vocation. Being the third generation of carpenters, it was unthinkable to stray too far from the job site. So I went back to studying architectural technology at Cégep de Rimouski. Today I am fortunate to be able to pursue my passion in a team that allows me to put my knowledge into practice as a project manager. What I love most about my job is to complete a project, no matter the size of it, while bringing together people from all disciplines and towards the same common goal, without forgetting the human side.
Mélissa Tremblay
Project management support assistant
819.564.0116 x 227
Graduated in interior design and having a marked interest for construction and renovation, I had no choice but to work in this industry. What mostly attracted me to Construction Longer was the dynamism of the team as well as the values ​​conveyed by the company which join mine: mutual aid, involvement, innovation as well as leadership. What I particularly like about my professional environment is the team spirit which is omnipresent as well as the very pleasant and jovial working atmosphere while remaining very professional. Versatile and resourceful, what particularly motivates me in my work is to be at the middle of the action as well as the diversity in my daily tasks ... Routine for me: no thank you!
Christophe Wagenheim, eng., PMP
Projet manager
819.564.0116 x 255

After more than 10 years of construction experience across the Atlantic, I joined the Construction Longer team at the start of 2020 as a project manager. I have participated in the realization of numerous construction and renovation projects such as schools, offices, a thermal spa on a historic site or even prestigious multi-unit housing projects from the design phase to delivery. Always ready to reinvent myself and develop new methods of sustainable construction on my sites, I am committed to involving all stakeholders to guarantee the satisfaction of our customers by integrating the constraints of cost, quality and time. . Adept in nature activities (hiking, mountain biking, skiing, camping) and discoveries, we may be lucky enough to meet each other at the bend of one of the many trails in the Eastern Townships!