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Administrative Team


Administrative team

The administrative team of Construction Longer is made up of 10 people who are responsible for various functions, such as : accounting, secretarial work, reception and administrative tasks, as well as computer support. In constant contact with our customers, each member of the staff reiterates their commitment to ensure the excellence of their services to subcontractors, suppliers and the in-house team.

Line Audet
Administrative assistant
819.564.0116 x121
Marie-Eve Bibeau
Administrative assistant
819.564.0116 x244
Cédric Campeau
Computing coordinator, Receivable account manager
819.564.0116 x226
Camille Castonguay
Accountant technician
819.564.0116 x228
Kéo Chabot
Administrative assistant
819.564.0116 x232
Céline Julien
Accountant technician
819.564.0116 x233
Marie-Josée Lecours
Administrative assistant
819.564.0116 x279
Tim Normandin
Financial controller
819.564.0116 x277