Our construction methods

From the moment the idea for a project is born, Construction Longer becomes your partner. We invest time upstream to fully understand your project and properly identify your needs. We are able to guide you towards a construction method that will meet your needs and those of your project.

According to your needs

Listening to your needs is part of Construction Longer’s DNA. Come tell us about your project: we will be able to advise you and guide you towards a construction method that suits your needs, or we will create it together!

Advisory & pre-construction

The pre-construction phase is a crucial stage in the management of a project, as it lays a solid foundation for ensuring success and achievement of the defined objectives. This phase takes place before the execution on site and includes a set of activities that allow to plan, organize, prepare and optimize the project.

We have developed a pre-construction process that may include the following elements:

  • Identification of stakeholders, their needs and general objectives;
  • Project milestone planning;
  • Preliminary project budgeting (class D), based on comparables to confirm feasibility.

The success of a project is largely based on effective communication between stakeholders. The pre-construction process that we offer defines clear communication channels in addition to setting up coordination mechanisms to facilitate discussions and decision-making. This process can then be converted into a standard management contract (CCDC-5A or CCDC-5B) or fixed price (CCDC-2).

Project management (5A)

The Construction Management Contract CCDC-5A, issued by the Canadian Construction Documents Committee, is similar to the general contractor template. However, this type of contract only concerns services. In this contractual mode, we take care of coordination, time and budget management, design, supply, quality and work safety.

Our management fees can be fixed, for a well-defined scope of work, or at an hourly rate when the scope of work is not fixed. In this type of contract, the owner assumes the management fees as well as the direct and indirect costs of the project, in complete transparency. In addition, the owner is responsible for awarding contracts to contractors-lots, following our manager’s recommendation. Although this model allows a great involvement of the owner, it does not allow him to benefit from our competitive advantage which consists in carrying out a large part of the work by our own strengths.

Construction management (5B)

The CCDC-5B contract type is similar to the CCDC-5A, however, in addition to the construction management services it adds advisory services during the pre-construction phase, the execution of the works during the construction phase and even post-construction services. This mode is therefore a flexible and efficient project implementation method, in which we can take advantage of the expertise that we have developed, in particular with our own strengths on site.

This contract is suitable for complex or custom projects requiring specialized expertise. It also allows you to maintain control over the design and construction process while benefiting our expertise and resources. We generally base our remuneration on the actual costs at which we set our fees when the scope of work is well defined. It is also possible to include options for a guaranteed maximum price or cost savings sharing.

With more than 70% of our private clients choosing this mode, we can see that this collaborative approach is highly appreciated by our clients.

Lump Sum

The lump sum contract is ideal if you have very complete plans and specifications and are looking for a reliable partner for the construction portion. This type of contract applies to projects with a fixed budget, for a determined portion of work. Following receipt of your plans and specifications, we will set an execution price for you that will not change for the scope of the initial agreement.


Design-build is a delivery model combining the traditionally separate design team and construction contractor. By leveraging our strong relationships with architects, engineers and trade contractors, we take full responsibility for a project and work to minimize risk, reduce costs, improve efficiency and meet your needs. By working together, we are able to go from concept to delivery more easily.

A considerable advantage with this mode is that the owner manages a single contract with a single point of responsibility.

Another highlight is that all changes are discussed by the entire team, which encourages thinking outside the box and drives team members to innovate.

Progressive design-build

Most are familiar with design-build, where design and construction services are contracted out to a single entity often offering a turnkey solution for the owner. The challenge of this approach lies in the transfer of risk from the owner to the design-builder who too often has incomplete informations to complete his proposal. A new method of project delivery has emerged from this industry need where the owner is part of the design-build team.

This approach is based on a collaborative approach between the owner and his builder partner from the very beginning of the project. Additional pre-construction time is therefore introduced, allowing the owner and the design-builder to gradually develop a solution as needs are collected and stakeholders are consulted.

In the first phase, pre-construction, the design-builder works with the owner to create or confirm the design basis for the project. Decisions are based on cost, schedule, operability, lifecycle, or any other considerations required by the owner.

When the design reaches an appropriate level of definition, we submit a proposal for the construction services to which it is possible to add
post-construction services.

This collaborative method allows you to better control your project, while allowing us to meet the requirements in terms of performance, price and schedule.

Truly forward-looking

Whether you are aiming for LEED certification or simply want your construction to be more responsible, we can guide you through the process. Our expertise in sustainable construction will guide you towards more sustainable choices for you and for our environment.

ISO 9001 certified

Did you know that Construction Longer is ISO 9001 certified? Quality management, the principles of which are detailed in this norm, is a set of tools and methods aimed at optimizing the effectiveness, efficiency and then excellence of business processes and the overall functioning of the company. Always with a view to continuous improvement, this certification allows us to increase the quality of our service, for the benefit of your projects.