Frequently asked questions

We give great importance to being present for our partners. For us, offering you transparency and support is part of the pleasure of building. You have questions, we have answers.

Corporate & Team life

Do you offer internships?

Every year, for the winter, fall and summer sessions, Construction Longer welcomes several estimating and project management interns to its team. Are you interested in an internship at Construction Longer?

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Who is Mr. Longer?

Mr. Longer does not exist! The name of Construction Longer comes from the names of its two founders: Mr. Jean-Paul LONchamps and Mr. Jean-Guy AuGER.

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Is it true you have a beer tap?

With us, Friday beer at the end of the day is sacred. It’s a tradition that has been going on for years: we all gather around a good beer. That’s why since 2022 we have our own beer tap.

They say you guys offer good coffee, is it true?

Oh yes, the coffee is good here! Every week, more than 15 L of milk are used for the wonderful lattes made by our coffee machine. Americano, espresso, cappuccino, we offer them all… and it’s free!

Can we apply, even if no position is open?

Absolutely! Whether working on construction sites or in offices, we always have room for new talent. You can simply submit your application and we will see together how you could join our team.

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What kind of projects do you do?

Construction Longer focuses on the realization of projects, large or small, in the commercial, institutional, food markets, civil, industrial and multi-housing sectors. Our construction methods are always adapted to the needs of our customers.

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Do you offer self-performed works?

Yes, mainly in carpentry, formwork, interior systems and specialized hardware. Construction Longer employs its own team and for specific works, we can count on our long time partners.

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Social responsibility

How long have you been B Corp certified?

Although the process has been underway since 2020, Construction Longer obtained its certification in 2023.

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How do you get involved in your community?

Construction Longer has always been there for its community. As we attach great importance to health, well-being and education, our involvement in both financial and human or material resources is concentrated in projects related to these causes.

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Health and security at work

What measures are taken by Construcion Longer in terms of health and safety?

We make sure that the workplace, the organization of work and the methods used are safe. In addition, we provide safe equipment, ensure that it is maintained in good condition, inform workers of good practices, provide training on work-related risks and the necessary supervision, etc. Health and safety training is important because it has the ability to unite members of the same team in the pursuit of a common goal: to create a safe and secure workplace that ensures the safety and success of all the people involved.