Our Lean approach

Lean methods come from the industrial world and allow for material and human resources optimization. At Construction Longer, we believe in the benefits of better planning to optimize the execution of your projects. Lean methods allow us to take the lead and ensure proper control once on site, all while reducing waste at the source.

Here is how we apply Lean:

  • Procurement planning (aiming for just in time);
  • Prefabrication, among other things, with the help of BIM;
  • Search for efficiency in repetitive tasks in organizing and planning (takt time);
  • Collaborative short-term schedule of the “last planner” type makes it possible to take into account the constraints of the construction site and the stakes of all the participants;
  • Mapping of internal processes;
  • Team post-mortem at the end of the projects to take advantage of the lessons learned and the experience of the team working since 1979;

For you, this means:

  • Less waste of resources;
  • Increased quality control;
  • Reduced lead times and costs;
  • More innovation and creativity for your projects;

Our main objective in using Lean methods is to bring added value to your projects by reducing waste at every stage.

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