At Construction Longer, the team has always been at the heart of our development. In 1992, the company made the decision to diversify its activities and increase its teams in order to develop internal expertise to serve its customers. Let’s think of carpentry, structural formwork and project management, the foundations of our business as builders, but also of the interior system, hardware and post-construction maintenance.

Working within our own strengths

Over the years, Construction Longer has developed various internal expertise meaning that we are able to carry out work directly in several sectors, with our own teams. This limits intermediaries, offering our clients better control over their schedule and greater flexibility in respecting their budget. In addition, we can put all the experience and know-how acquired during our thousands of projects to the benefit of your projects by ensuring rigorous quality control.

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Site workers




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In 2022


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Projects per year


Working with wood since 1979, our team currently has more than 90 carpenters and joiners, in addition to 40 experienced foreman. Mainly from the Eastern Townships and the South Shore of Montreal, these members of our team allow us, among other things, to create solid and conventional wood structures, install furniture and prefabricated elements or even optimize our finishing works.


Over time, to better meet the objectives of our customers and their projects, we have decided to invest in our ability to carry out formwork. We have developed this expertise with the help of our specialized formwork teams, our 3 civil engineering technicians and our surveyor who, in addition to building complex foundations, reinforced concrete structures and engineering structures, help us to make choices in terms of equipment or techniques. This own strength allows us a certain autonomy in our various projects.

Interior system

Construction Longer has an internal interior system team. This specific force dedicated to smaller projects allows us to be more agile and efficient not only in the installation of metal studs and the installation of gypsum, but also in jointing and painting. In addition, our interior system team uses prefabrication to increase efficiency and reduce waste.

Specialized hardware

Our carpentry teams are trained to install frames, doors and standard hardware, allowing this work to be carried out at the same time as the interior system and painting. They are supported by our hardware specialist to install the complex and electrified institutional hardware and by our project managers who coordinate everything upstream between the various stakeholders involved.

Service & post-construction maintenance

In the post-construction phase of your project, you can count on Construction Longer to support you. It is therefore possible for a client to use our services to establish a plan to maintain their assets or simply to make minor adjustments to follow their growth and evolution. We will be there for you, at all stages of your project.

Workplace safety

In order to ensure the safety of our site team, we have a health and safety coordinator within our team who ensures regular site tours allowing us to work proactively. In addition to supervising the work of the various health and safety stakeholders on construction sites, these tours allow us to respond quickly to the needs of our team according to their specific reality. As in all our self-performed work, adaptability and flexibility are our hallmark.

Project management

Currently, Construction Longer works with more than twenty project managers, including more than 10 engineers, 5 with the title of PMP, all passionate about innovation and quality. With more than 40 years of completed projects, our project managers have remained versatile and curious, which has led them to take an interest in sectors such as civil engineering works, food markets, institutions and industries, in addition to the multi-unit commercial and residential buildings that launched the company. Each project is unique and requires special attention to properly meet its objectives. Innovative technologies, proven methods and simple and open communication make it easier to plan and carry out your projects.

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