At Construction Longer, we have adapted the turnkey concept to the private sector: design-build. We place great importance on understanding your project and your needs. We like to be by your side and support you from the very beginning of your project.

The turnkey or design-build project allows you to enter into a single contract with the general contractor, who then provides the design services, through experienced professionals, and the construction. If time and experience are two things you lack, this approach could certainly benefit you.

  • Allows you to have a single point of contact and responsibility;
  • Allows for increased collaboration between the design and construction teams, which leads to more creative solutions, resulting in an optimized and integrated project;
  • Promotes a continuous design-build process leading to an accelerated start-up;
  • Promotes the adoption of a BIM process;
  • Allows the integration of the constructability and cost aspect from the beginning of the design, contributing to better cost and schedule control;
  • Facilitates the handover of the project to the final operators;

Our commitment is to understand and question your needs to develop the most appropriate project as if it were our own. We use the expertise of our experienced multidisciplinary team’s expertise, tools, and efficient methods to optimize your project. This expertise fosters a culture of collaboration, allowing all stakeholders to put their skills forward.

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