Building Information Modelling

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Building Information Modeling (BIM) is a real process that brings together in one place all information related to the construction and operation of a building. It is, therefore, much more than the virtual construction of a building in 3D; it is a collaborative approach.

BIM is a process where all the stakeholders of a project, i.e. architects, engineers, general contractors, main specialized contractors and, ideally, building operators, collaborate together to develop models. These mock-ups are assembled periodically to evaluate the constraints of each party and how to solve them in an optimal way. This makes it possible to create a virtual prototype before construction begins and to benefit from the expertise and experience of each of the parties around the table.

This expertise represents a time investment upstream of the project to better optimize the subsequent construction. In fact, it allows:

  • The reduction of modifications on site, which leads to compromises that are often costly and disappointing, in addition to wasting resources
  • Easier estimating with the possibility of extracting quantities from the model
  • Prefabrication of a greater number of items
  • A better coordination of all disciplines
  • Easier visualization of the work to be done on site, reducing execution time and the risk of making mistakes.

Consequently, this expertise allows us to reduce construction time and costs. It is truly part of our sustainable development approach, allowing us to avoid wasting human and material resources.

Ordinateur avec un logiciel de dao
For this expertise, as a general contractor, we are at the heart of this process and act as BIM coordinator. The cost and constructability aspects are part of the discussions from Day 1.

Since the beginning of 2022, we have been fortunate to have a digital practice manager and BIM specialist on our team: Alex Lalumière. Would you like to learn more about our BIM expertise? Come and talk to him!

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