As finance director in an innovative company that positions itself as a leader in the construction industry, my day-to-day is quite varied. Holder of a master’s degree in finance and a CGA, CPA accounting title, my autonomy and my ability to manage multiple files at the same time are assets that allow me to respond well to requests of different members of our team. My tasks relating to the company’s internal control require me to be very analytical and rigorous. Being a finance director also involves thinking about and implementing strategies that allow us to support our growth, while closely monitoring the financial aspect of our various projects. This is reflected in the improvement of internal accounting processes, the integration of technologies that increase our collective efficiency and the implementation of reliable financial strategies. In constant collaboration with other members of the management team, one of my greatest objectives is to ensure the growth and sustainability of the company. Being in charge of the accounting team, I exercise my skills in team management, listening and leadership on a daily basis. In this regard, my objective is to properly supervise my team and promote the professional development of everyone. I consider myself privileged to be at the helm of a dynamic and dedicated team that is committed to the development of the company.