Continuity, respect for established values ​​and maintaining the business philosophy developed over the past 40 years are the paths chosen by the new management, in which I have assumed the position of Chairman and CEO since January 2020. That does not prevent the upgrading and modernization of the company, on the contrary, it is a requirement to remain in a position of regional leader in construction. To achieve this, staff training and the use of advanced technologies will be taken to a higher level.

In terms of project planning, my successes are mainly linked to my great creativity, my unifying qualities and my listening skills. With a keen analytical mind and a great ability to meet challenges, I know how to build a relationship of trust and true partnership with all of our clients. In my spare time, I love spending time with my family, reading, cycling in the summer and skiing in the winter. Younger and passionate about action, rugby has captured my heart. Although I have stopped playing, I really like to compare the sport to management. Of course, a business can have a lot in common with any team sport. But does rugby have any unique characteristics that put it above the rest? I think so. When a company goes through a difficult context, like in rugby, there is no time for the game to stop. Leadership is about responding to challenges as they arise, whether or not there is time to take a break.