It was during an internship, as part of my bachelor’s degree in civil engineering/Liberal Arts, that I took my very first steps at Construction Longer. A detour that was love at first sight with project management and especially with the team that works in collegiality and pleasure. Perfectionist by nature, I love participating in small and large-scale projects that present a certain complexity, both technically and organizationally. My motivation: work with stakeholders to achieve a common goal in the greatest efficiency. In my career, I had the chance to get the titles of “PMP” and “Leed Green Associate” in addition to deepening “Lean” methods. Today, this allows me to participate in the development of the company in these areas. Driven by a great sense of organization and continuous improvement, I always tell myself that there is always a way to do better! This is what has always pushed me to surpass myself, at work, but also in individual sports that I practice such as triathlon, cross-country skiing and alpine skiing. Long live the outdoors! It’s often during a run that the best ideas come to me.