Having just graduated from the Université de Sherbrooke at the end of 2021, as part of the first French-speaking cohort in Quebec’s building engineering program, I returned to my roots and began my professional career in the greater Montreal area, where I grew up.

After two years, I moved to the Eastern Townships to live there and get closer to nature. Since the beginning of 2024, I’ve been a project coordinator at Construction Longer, in the commercial buildings division.

I’m part of an experienced team, both on site and in the office, and the working atmosphere is fantastic. I share a lot of the same values as Construction Longer, and I can really feel the desire to build differently, by promoting collaboration, sustainable development and long-lasting human relations. I’m a real team player and I’m well aware that a project can’t be completed alone. At Longer, I’m well surrounded and supported in everything I do. In the same way, all team members can count on me. I’m very positive by nature, and I like to work in a fun atmosphere.

Otherwise, I’m as much an armchair sportsman as a real sportsman. I like outdoor sports, running, golf, badminton and especially team sports. I can still watch golf on an afternoon without getting bored. I love to travel, both here and abroad.

I love to challenge myself, because it’s at times like these that we come out on top, so I approach my projects with the same energy.