Having grown up in the countryside, I was quickly immersed in the construction world! At 8 years old, I was already drawing the plans for my treehouse and the houses of my family members! For me, construction is more than a job: it’s a real passion! It is not only about managing projects, but also about working with my own hands! I love to build and transform things. In my opinion, this is how you acquire the most knowledge, because on paper and on the field, it is often very different. This additional knowledge helps me to really understand what is happening on site and quickly find adequate solutions.

I graduated in architecture from the Cégep of Trois-Rivières in 2010. I also have training in real estate revaluation. As soon as I left school, I worked in an architecture offices where I developed a lot of technical drawing. Subsequently, I worked in the public sector, where I learned to juggle the many constraints of work in hospitals, CHSLDs and Youth Centers. My meticulousness, my leadership and my professionalism have largely contributed to the successful completion of all my projects. Cheerful by nature, I see the positive in all situations! My glass of water is always half full! I am a very understanding person and attentive to the needs of others. Family, respect, listening, open-mindedness and love are very important values ​​for me.

On the hobby side, I’m pretty versatile; I like peace and quiet as much as action! Nature and the countryside are places where I like to recharge my batteries: I spend a lot of time there with my family. One of my hobbies: paddle boarding! Calm on the water, breathtaking landscapes: it does me a lot of good! Conversely, I’m also a big fan of motorsports: I have my motorcycle, my ATV and my snowmobile! It gives me the little adrenaline boost that I sometimes need!

Looking forward to bringing your most ambitious projects to fruition!