I am very happy to be part of a strong team since I arrived as a project manager at Construction Longer. As soon as I left school, 4 years ago, I joined this team which allows me to surpass myself and flourish in my work. My bachelor’s degree in civil engineering allowed me to develop rigor and discipline at work. I like to push myself in everything I do and to push my limits. That’s why I’m always ready to take on new challenges. It is often said of me that I have a positive attitude and that I get along well with everyone I interact with. Leadership is also one of my great strengths. This leadership has often been felt during my sporting career. Indeed, I have been a captain at all levels of hockey in which I have played: whether it is Midget AAA, QMJHL or even today in Senior AAA. As you can see, I love hockey! However, I have greatly diversified my sporting interests in recent years. Whether it’s tennis, mountain biking, skiing and more, I love playing and discovering sports. I also love all outdoor activities! Did I mention you that I am very competitive? This is reflected in my work since I always want to give the best out of myself. Be sure that when I am involved in a project, I am 100% there.