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Collaborating to create sustainable and innovative solutions

Why is corporate social responsibility important to us?

Sustainable development is divided into three distinct spheres. Our involvement in the economic and social spheres had already been part of our philosophy for a long time. In 2020, we wanted to go further. We have therefore started a process of improving the environmental sphere of sustainable development, and have thus set up a committee dedicated solely to this one.


Aiming for the accomplishment of everyone in a cooperative environment is a priority. Because when we work in a fun environment, health and well-being are the norms.


Our commitment to sorting waste on construction sites with our office eco-center is essential. We are also multiplying our sustainable development projects: electric terminals, responsible purchasing policy, prefabrication workshop, tablets instead of paper, etc.


Having clients with whom we have worked since 1979 is a real source of pride. Ensuring that we will still be around in 40 years is a priority. This is what we do every day by being responsible and transparent.

A real and lasting impact

Numbers speak louder than words. To improve our environment, we multiply our efforts to make our vision a reality. When we commit, it shows. And you can easily imagine what we can do for your project.

Tons diverted
Number of materials diverted

Real commitments

Being a responsible company on paper is one thing, but without concrete actions, it’s worthless. Here, we put our convictions to work so that everyone can benefit.


Creating long-lasting relationships

Since 1979, we’ve valued long-lasting relationships. To maintain relationships with the same clients for 40 years, you have to be the real deal. When we commit to a partner here, we do so for the long term.


Act authentically

Being transparent, both internally and externally, is part of who we are. Our financial health is excellent because we act responsibly. Our governance and honesty are beyond reproach at every level.


Applying the 4Rs

The 4Rs are REDUCE, REUSE, RECYCLE and REVALORIZE. Do you find them interesting? So do we. And we apply it to all stages of a project. From BIM and Lean planning methods to construction, we make sure to sort out as much material as possible on site. We also find ways to repurpose them, like our in-house flea market.


Being part of the solution

This is probably our biggest commitment. In concrete terms, it means that we are involved in our community to innovate and improve our industry. It’s a global philosophy that includes all the players. Because we don’t do it for ourselves, we do it to improve the entire construction industry. And you’re the one who benefits the most!


Valuing knowledge

At Construction Longer, we believe in the importance of education. We aim for academic success by sponsoring, participating and supporting causes and organizations that promote universal access to education. We also encourage our team members to stay current and specialize through various training programs, because we want everyone to have an equal opportunity to succeed.


Collaborating for wellness

We believe that the accomplishment of individuals and the surpassing of oneself go through sports. In addition to participating in team sports challenges, we support sports events and sports-study programs. We also offer healthy environments to our employees. This is our way of contributing to our community’s physical and psychological health.

Certified B Corp.

By getting involved in the social, economic and environmental development of its community, Construction Longer was able to obtain its B Corp certification. This certification comes to frame all the efforts that the company makes in its social responsibility.

Sustainable building

Building sustainable business relationships while constructing living environments is part of Construction Longer’s mission. Because, like us, you believe in the importance of sustainability and the positive impact of your projects on our environment. See how our expertise in Lean methods, building information modelling and LEED certification are the foundation of our experience in sustainable building.

Our actions today for tomorrow

Meet our SD Committee

After developing our sustainable development action plan, we needed a hand to make all our projects happen. That’s why at Construction Longer, all team members can get involved and offer their help.

An internal committee was created to promote collaboration between the different teams to apply sustainable development principles in our daily work. The Construction Longer SD Committee meets monthly to address 5 major projects:

  • Management System and B Corp Certification
  • Residual materials management – Worsites
  • Residual materials management – Offices
  • Partner awareness
  • Design and planning

To encourage the exchange and sharing of different expertise, the Committee members have all been assigned to a sub-committee. Each sub-committee goal is one of the 5 major projects. We aim to optimize and share—even with our internal committees!