Our company’s code of ethics

March 09, 2020

Construction Longer’s Code of Ethics

At Construction Longer, we believe that our strong corporate philosophy demands ethical behaviour from all members of our team. However, experience shows that a clearer definition is necessary to avoid any ethical issues.

With this in mind, we have established a code of ethics to provide a more concrete framework for our practices. Implementing this code is one way to demonstrate the importance we place on responsible and ethical behaviour by all team members. We are convinced that the framework of our moral practices contributes to facilitating our sustainable business relationships and, by the same token, our company’s sustainability.

Every employee in the office is required to sign a statement of adherence to the Construction Longer’s Code of Ethics. Our foremen are also required to sign it at our annual foremen’s meeting. Please note that these signatures are renewable every 3 years.

We ensure the application of our code of ethics in a measurable way, by integrating its follow-up during meetings with our board of directors.

Pierre-Luc Auclair, President and CEO
Construction Longer