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Code of ethics

March 31, 2016

Code of ethics

At Construction Longer, we believe that our business philosophy calls for ethical behaviour from all members of our team. However, by experience, we believe that a clearer definition is necessary in order to avoid misconduct.

With this in mind, we have introduced a code of ethics enabling us to frame our practices more concretely. The implementation of this code is our way of demonstrating the importance we attach to the good ethical behaviour of all our staff. We are convinced that the management of our moral practices contributes to strengthening the positive character of our image, and facilitates our business relations. By doing so, it contributes to the sustainability of our company.

Each employee is required to sign a declaration of adherence to the company’s code of ethics. Supervisors are also required to sign it at the foremen’s annual meeting. Note that these signatures must be renewed every 3 years.

In addition, we will ensure that our code of ethics is implemented in a measurable manner by integrating its follow-up during our board of directors’ meetings.

Luc Auclair, Président