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With a rich experience that keeps growing since 1979, Construction Longer has managed to become the renowned and expert company it is today because of the various transformations carried out by the pioneers of the past.

A story of passion

The founder of Construction Longer, Mr. Jean-Paul Longchamps, originally worked as a foreman for “Gérard Allard Inc.”, a contractor specializing in residential construction.

1972 Mr. Longchamps joins forces with Mr. Gérard Allard.

1979 Mr. Jean-Paul Longchamps becomes majority shareholder of the company, named at that time “Les Constructions Gérard Allard inc. », with his partner, Mr. Jean-Guy Auger.

1983 The two partners, Jean-Paul LONgchamps and Jean-Guy AuGER, change the name of the company to the one we know today, CONSTRUCTION LONGER INC. Mr. Luc Auclair joins the team as a survey technician and project manager.

1993 Mr. Jean-Guy Auger retires and Mr. Luc Auclair becomes vice-president.

2000 Mr. Longchamps hands over the presidency to Mr. Auclair. At the same time, Mr. Denis Brière was appointed vice-president.

2011 Mr. Pierre-Luc Auclair is integrated into the team as a civil engineer, after having completed internships and working on sites since 2004.

2015 On the departure of Mr. Denis Brière, Mr. Robert Pellerin succeeds him as Vice-President. He holds this position until 2019.

2019 The year 2019 marks the 40th anniversary of Construction Longer and it is on this occasion that Mr. Luc Auclair transfers the presidency to his son, Mr. Pierre-Luc Auclair.

2020 The management of the company is now ensured by an Executive Board composed of 8 people each holding a key role within the organization:

• Pierre-Luc Auclair, ing. – Chairman and CEO

• Luc Auclair – Chairman of the Board

• Gabriel Forest, ing. – Executive Director and Building

• Julie Fouquet, ing. – Director of organizational development

• Rémi Bouchard, ing. – Director of civil engineering

• Steven Chabot – Corporate and Service Director

• Tim Normandin, M. Sc., CPA, CGA – Director of Finance

• Sylvain Ouellette – Director of site operations

With this new organizational structure, Construction Long
er is committed to continuing its development over the coming years, while keeping firmly anchored the values ​​that have made its reputation, and simply “for the pleasure of building”.

Construction Longer,
more than 40 years later

Since its inception, Construction Longer has been constantly expanding, so that today it has about 100 employees on an annual basis, many of whom have more than 20 years of continuous service. Having expanded its fields of activity, Construction Longer now specializes in commercial, industrial, institutional and civil engineering projects. Through its great stability and excellent reputation in the field, Construction Longer offers all the resources necessary for the realization of diversified projects.

Key facts

  • Construction Longer is the oldest active member of the ACQ Estrie, as a general contractor;
  • More than 3300 projects carried out since 1979;
  • More than 70% of our business volume from the private sector (regular customers).